Art of ceramics on length of the whole its history that number already several millenniums, was formed in confrontation of two different artistic concepts. On the one side - it is a trend, gravitating to sculpture and prevalence of value of the form, with other - a tradition of decorate of surface. The most brightly scramble of these leaders reveals itself on the most early stage of developments of ceramic art (in the epoch neolithic - post neolithic age). The most bright samples of ceramics of given period show us cultures of east Europe and Mediterranean area, Japanese islands and civilizations of pre-Columbian America. This time rightfully possible to name a golden age of ceramic art. Plasticity of material enabled practically not limited creative searching, but its accessibility do a ceramics of one of the leading areas of artistic searching ancient masters. In this history period, when ceramics was called to decide the most varied problems, from purely utilitarian, before cult, struggle between priorities of the form and decor forced ancient masters to find amazing on its power harmonious decisions. Later, with the appearance of potter's wheel and displacing the interests of production to the area of utilitarian, trend of decorate surface practically has displaced an interest in the form of ceramic products. Thereby, quest of pottery artists have alterred to the riverbed of picturesque registration of limited kit established forms.

Submitted to this site products are illustrate one of the variants of alternative history of ceramic art. Histories, where potter's wheel as well as was not invent, but interest in the form prevail on the fascination an figuration of surface. The products are executed by means of the manual parget and each thing unique and unrepeatable. Their surface in accordance with ancient technologies is coverred by the natural wax that prevents from humidity and will add a dull briliance. Guaint of forms is stipulated by the secret of functionality of these objects. All this refers us to enigmatic cultures of dead civilizations, puts metaphysics element into our life.

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